Saturday, February 23, 2008

Couldn't be happier

happy sloth baby
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There are a bunch of new funny pictures up on Flickr. It was a hard choice, and I was tempted by the plumber's crack picture but... Zachary looks so happy in this one. Mark was crawling around wearing the Ergo... and Zachary was chillin. He's starting to mug for the camera a bit, or at least to mug for us. Other pictures up include comparisons between the bassinet (we just put it away) and the crib... And of course, another in the series of "things we put on Zachary's head to annoy Debbie & add to his years of therapy". This time it was a tea cozy elephant. We've never used it as a tea cozy, but it turns out its a *perfect* Zachary hat. Good for those trips out in the kitchen... i mean the cold...

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